Stamping Dies

Stamping & forming dies are typically made by tool and die makers and put into production after mounting into a press. 

  • Automotive formed Panels
  • High precision Components
  • Fully formed 3D enclosures
  • Heavy Gage components
  • Parts formed in Steel, Aluminum Copper and Plated steels
  • 100+ dies built annually  

Injection Moulds

LMC Engineering provides plastic injection molding solutions ranging from Injection Molding to Production Tooling. 

  • Use rounded corners
  • Add draft to walls to allow easy ejection.
  • All Slides have retainers
  • Flow Analysis in 3D
  • All vents are machined
  • Use inserts for high wear areas
  • More...

Tooling and Consumables

As a key part of the industrial business, LMC provides and develops products with high consumption volume.

  • Pneumatic/Electric Tooling (Die grinders, etc…)
  • Abrasive tools and consumables
  • Safety Gear and Equipment
  • Rectification tooling
  • Cutting tools
  • Welding Consumables 
  • Punches, inserts, etc...
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LMC (Lean Manufacturing Components) has the solution to the problems Western purchasers have encountered in Asia…

  1. A Western-based business providing Asian procurement and project management services;
  2. LMC has created a network of approved vendors in Asia;  strict criteria has been established annual audits conducted; and continues improvement practices in place;
  3. LMC manages the entire procurement process for its customers: Quote, Selection, Terms, Secure Payments, Program Monitoring and Communication, Sampling and Acceptance;
  4. LMC acts as a warrantor for tools and parts, for repair and revision work on tools;
  5. Not just a broker, project management and on-site support are a vital part of  LMC service;
  6. Not a Western manufacturer dabbling in Asia, the provision of Asian tooling and parts is the heart of our business;
  7. Not trying to sell open capacity, LMC has the flexibility to place programs with the source that makes the most sense for your needs;
  8. Not handicapped by language and culture, LMC has in-house native Chinese language capabilities, including  more than 10 engineers based in China;
  9. Not handicapped by differences in standards, LMC's Project Managers understand international standards and

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